Ready-Track® Framing

Ready-Track framing is the fast and dependable way to frame curved walls on the jobsite.

Ideal for curved walls, stairwells, soffits, clouds and complicated compound radiuses


Ready-Hat® Framing

Whether the plans call for framing over a CMU wall or concrete column or just a curved transition from wall to ceiling, the Ready-Hat furring and framing channel is right for the job.

  • Ideal for furring on curved walls or to create coves, barrel vaults, groin vaults, soffits and serpentine ceilings

  • Great for wrapping columns or as cross-framing to eliminate drywall butt joints

  • 20-gauge (33 mil) steel holds its shape once formed and positioned for easy fastening


Ready-Arch® Framing 

Creating arched openings and designs is simpler than ever with Ready-Arch framing members. Round, elliptical or s-shapes are all easy to form on the jobsite without any cutting or additional reinforcement.


  • deal for soffits, arches, light coves and elliptical or eyebrow curves for windows and doorways

  • 20-gauge (30 mil) steel holds its shape without any fasteners

  • Installs to cold-formed steel or wood framing


Ready-Arch® Framing 

The Ready-Angle framing angle adapts to almost any shape and curves in multiple directions, so it’s easy to form challenging compound curves and s-bends.

  • Ideal for s-shapes, spirals, sweeps or virtually any free-form shape

  • 20-gauge (30 mil) steel holds its shape without any fasteners

  • A versatile product for problem-solving on the jobsite