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Irwin Standard White Marking Chalk (8oz)

Strait-line chalk for reel type chalk-line boxes. Packaged in plastic squeeze bottles with fast fill spout. For use on a variety of surfaces including wood, drywall, concrete, stone, and metal permanent colors, especially black and red, produce long-lasting lines that won't fade.


 Irwin 65102 Strait-Line 5lb Permanent Marking Chalk - Red

  • 5-lbs Chalk Line Refill

  • Red Permanent Marking Chalk

  • Exterior use

  • Visible after weeks of weather exposure and jobsite wear


​Chalk Reel features a features a fill door that is more than 70% larger than the previous design for quick and easy chalk fill. The 100’ abrasion resistant poly line provides up to 6 strikes per pull. The reel has a 3:1 gear ratio to rewind the line 3X faster than traditional chalk reels.


IRWIN STRAIT-LINE Speedline 100' Chalk Reel & Chalk Combo, 4 oz. Refill, Blue

Designed for Quick & Easy Refills

The IRWIN STRAIT-LINE Speedline 100' Chalk Reel has a wide door for quick and easy chalk refills that make creating crisp, highly readable straight lines with just a snap easy.

  • 3:1 gear ratio rewinds 3X faster than traditional chalk line reels

  • Contains 100' of abrasion-resistant line

  • Includes 4 oz. blue chalk refill

Strait-Line 1932872 IRWIN Classic Chalk Reel, 100'

  • 100' Replacement line for all reel type chalk line boxes

  • Tight snapping action

  • Highest tensile strength cord, lasts longer


Irwin Industrial Tool 100ft. Replacement Chalk Line 64610

  • Wide Door For quick and easy chalk fill

  • 100' Abrasion-Resistant Poly Line Provides 5-6 strikes per pull

  • Robust Steel Handle and Large Center Hub For increased durability, strength, and torque

  • Durable Aluminum Housing Provides impact resistance

  • 1:1 Gear Ratio

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