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Level 5 drywall tools are premium grade. They are designed and built using nearly 20 years of input from professional finishers and meant for reliable, daily use on the jobsite.


  • Patent pending extruded aluminum blade back is lightweight, but offers high strength and rigidity. Unlike plastic back alternatives, these blades maintain their shape under extreme conditions and are built to last

  • 0.3mm high quality, high precision European stainless steel blades that are replaceable if damaged or worn

  • High impact, glass-filled composite end caps can be removed for quick and easy blade change

  • lengths available: 24", 32"


Product Features

  • Wider, thicker and stronger blade back than competitive models

  • Ergonomic handle designs help reduce fatigue

Stainless Steel Blades

  • High quality, stainless steel provides precise flex and finish

Blue Steel Blades

  • High quality, blue steel provides precise flex

Soft Grip Handles

  • Strong, lightweight soft-grip handle

  • Stainless steel riveted handle makes this the strongest knife on the market

  • Ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue

  • Metal hammer end

Composite Handles

  • Strong, lightweight composite handle

  • Ergonomic design help reduce fatigue


Product Features

  • Precision-ground blades provide the proper flex point and feel for smooth finish

  • Blade ground to match a "broken-in" feel from the first use

  • Metal hammer handle ends

Stainless Steel Blades

  • High quality, stainless steel blade will not rust and is mirror-polished for easy cleanup

Carbon Steel Blades

  • High quality, carbon steel blade is mirror-polished for easy cleanup

Soft Grip Handles

  • Strong, lightweight soft-grip handle

  • Ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue

Black Nylon Handles

  • Strong, lightweight plastic handles with solid, plated carbon steel rivets

  • Ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue



  • Triple-hardened premium stainless steel

  • Precision-ground, pre-broke edges and corners. These hand trowels are ready to go right out of the box.

  • A 1/8" concave curve on the curved trowels.

  • High strength but lightweight aluminum handle mount.

  • Super-strong surface-mounted rivets that last longer than "through-rivet" designs.

  • High impact composite handle core for strength and durability.

  • Handle overmolded with proprietary brushed leather injected composite. The handle will custom form to the user's hand under regular use for maximum comfort.

  • 5 lengths available:  12", 14"


Handle Adapter

  • Robust, multi-position design for use at any angle

  • Manufactured from high impact glass filled composite

  • Easy snap on and removal design with lever locks

  • Unique alignment feature - A centerline on the blade back and centerline on the adapter can be aligned to ensure equal and consistent pressure across the entire blade


Extendable Handle

  • 3 sizes available:

  • Short - 21" to 32"

  • Medium - 37" to 63"

  • Long - 48" to 87"

  • Unique snap-in attachment to the adapter that won't rotate under pressure during use

  • Manufactured using fiberglass and aluminum. Lightweight but more rigid and robust than competitive handles

  • Rubber grip on the bottom for comfort

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