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Simpson Strong-Tie® SUBH 3.25-R150 

Simpson Strong-Tie® SUBH wall stud bridging connectors for cold-formed steel (CFS) framing offer a compact profile that allows standard 1 5/8" studs to be sistered directly against adjacent studs. 

SUBH3.25 — 43 mil (18 ga.) Bucket of 100 pcs

FCB Bypass Framing Fixed-Clip Connector  3.5" 4"x 1.5"

• Rated for tension, compression, shear and in-plane loads
• Provides design flexibility with varying screw and anchorage
patterns that achieve different load levels

• Strategically placed stiffeners, embossments and anchor
holes maximize connector performance

SCB/MSCB Bypass Framing Slide-Clip Connector           SCB 43.5       SCB 45.5



• Provides a full 1" of both upward and downward movement

• The precision-manufactured shouldered screws provided with the
SCB/MSCB connector are designed to prevent overdriving and to ensure
the clip functions properly

• Strategically placed stiffeners, embossments and anchor holes maximize
connector performance

• Simpson Strong-Tie “No-Equal” stamps mark the center of the slots
to help ensure correct shouldered-screw placement

SCW Head-of-Wall Slide-Clip Connector                                SCW 5.5
The SCW connectors offer 1" of upward and 1" of downward movement.
They are primarily used in head-of-wall applications that require vertical
movement relative to the structure. SCW connectors are often used to
strengthen window and door jambs for projects that utilize slip track.

SSC connectors #SSC 4.25

SSC connectors are versatile utility clips ideal for a variety of stud-to-stud and stud-to-structure Applications in cold-formed steel construction. The clips have been designed to enable easy installation on the open side of studs or joists with flanges up to 3" long and return lips up to 3/4". A wide pattern of strategic fastener locations allows the SSC to accommodate a variety of traditional and custom designs.



Ready-Track® Framing

Ready-Track framing is the fast and dependable way to frame curved walls on the jobsite. Simple to bend into smooth curves, it holds its shape without fasteners for easy positioning and installation. With flexible framing sections, Ready-Track creates a CFS framing system that can help you realize even the most challenging curved designs.


Ready-Hat® Framing

Whether the plans call for framing over a CMU wall or concrete column or just a curved transition from wall to ceiling, the Ready-Hat furring and framing channel is right for the job.

  • Ideal for furring on curved walls or to create coves, barrel vaults, groin vaults, soffits and serpentine ceilings

  • Great for wrapping columns or as cross-framing to eliminate drywall butt joints

  • 20-gauge (33 mil) steel holds its shape once formed and positioned for easy fastening


Ready-Arch® Framing 

Creating arched openings and designs is simpler than ever with Ready-Arch framing members. Round, elliptical or s-shapes are all easy to form on the jobsite without any cutting or additional reinforcement.


  • deal for soffits, arches, light coves and elliptical or eyebrow curves for windows and doorways

  • 20-gauge (30 mil) steel holds its shape without any fasteners

  • Installs to cold-formed steel or wood framing

Ready-Arch® Framing 

The Ready-Angle framing angle adapts to almost any shape and curves in multiple directions, so it’s easy to form challenging compound curves and s-bends.

  • Ideal for s-shapes, spirals, sweeps or virtually any free-form shape

  • 20-gauge (30 mil) steel holds its shape without any fasteners

  • A versatile product for problem-solving on the jobsite

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