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Starter Strip Plus Shingles

Starter Strip Plus Shingles eliminate the need for cutting shingle tabs to create a starter row. Starter Strip Plus is packaged two pieces per shingle, 16 shingles per bundle, 100 lineal feet, and perforated down the center allowing for easy separation. Once apart, the Starter Strip Plus shingles should be aligned next to one another with the sealant toward the eave


Starter Strip Plus shingle advantages: Speeds installation Starter Strip Plus shingle eliminates the need to cut off tabs or headlap. Clean look. Starter Strip Plus shingle provides a machine-cut straight edge at the eave and along the rake. Saves labor. It’s easy for a single person to position Starter Strip shingle on the roof. Compatibility. Extra-wide starter can be used with most shingles that have an exposure of up to 6" (per Application Instructions on the reverse side). Improves job quality. Puts the sealant appropriately at the eaves. Cost savings. There’s no need to cut down field shingles to use as a starter strip. Exceptional bonding strength. Continuous sealant ensures an effective seal between the starter and the first course of shingles. Convenient. One (1) bundle provides 1 square of material (105 lineal feet of actual coverage).

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