Use for standard ceiling perimeters

Angle Molding w/Gasket

Use in Clean Room applications with USG Donn® Brand CE™ Acoustical Suspension System.

Shadow Molding

For creating reveals at ceiling perimeters. Also helps to hide imperfections in drywall partitions and bulkheads.


Use to create ceiling breaks, soffits and changes in elevation


Partition Attachment Clip

Partition Clip for 15/16" or 9/16" SQ panels

Four-Way Seismic Separation Joint Clip

For seismic separation joints in IBC Seismic Design Categories

Panel Retention Clip

The retention clips help prevent panel displacement from incidental contact.

Seismic Attachment Clip

Attach tee ends at the perimeter in seismic design categories

Three-Way Off-Module Connector

Use with cross tees and main tees that are the same height.

Radius Molding Corner Clip

For radius or “bullnose” corners.

Molding Attachment Clip

Attach tees to angle molding and shadow molding.

Hold-Down Clip

To maintain a Clean Room seal.

Square Molding Corner Clip

Use with angle molding.

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