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We offer a comprehensive range of interior products, covering everything you might need to complete your project. Our inventory includes drywall steel studs ceiling suspension systems, insulation, soundproofing, sealants, and roofing products, among many other construction materials.

We understand the importance of maintaining a competitive edge, which is why we constantly work hard to provide you with the best prices possible. At United Building Products, you can be sure that you are not only getting high-quality construction materials but also getting them at the most competitive rates.


43 Bentley Ave, Nepean, ON, K2E 6T7




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Our delivery team will travel to destinations within the 160 kilometers radius from Ottawa, following these major routes:


1. North: Deliveries in this direction go up to Petawawa, including stops in Pembroke and Renfrew.

2. South: Deliveries extend up to Kingston in this direction.

3. East: We go as far as Hawkesbury and Cornwall in the east direction.

4. West: In the west, our deliveries extend up to Gatineau and Hull.

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