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Whether you need to install a new roof vent or replace an existing one, make sure to consider a maximum ventilation roof ventilator for an efficient and effective solution.

A roof vent is a type of ventilation system specifically designed for the roof of a building. It works by removing heat, moisture, and other gaseous contaminants from the interior of the building and releasing them into the atmosphere.

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Duraflo vents are designed to offer excellent roofing solutions. These vents not only prevent the accumulation of moisture and heat in the attic, but they also improve the appearance of the roof. Duraflo vents are created with quality in mind, using premium materials to ensure durability and efficiency.

Duraflo vents are made from high quality, cold-weather polypropylene which makes them exceptionally durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. This material does not become brittle or warp, making the vents long lasting and resistant to breakage or damage.

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