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It's not magic, It's engineering.®

GenieClip® RST: A unibody molded rubber and galvanized steel part used to attach drywall to either wall or floor/ceiling assemblies. GenieClip RST is engineered for superior acoustical performance in reducing the transmission of airborne and impact sound through wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.

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GenieClip® LB: A resilient sound isolation bracket used in a variety of applications where noise control and structural support is required, including wall sway bracing, ceiling suspension, and accessory mounting.

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GenieClip® LB2: Resilient sound isolation clip with extended steel bracket used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with a  GenieClip RST wall or ceiling system. Improves low and high frequency sound control performance. Reduces impact noise in floor-ceiling assemblies. Allows for thinner and even no resilient mat used in certain floor-ceiling assemblies.

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GenieClip® C3:  is a uni-body molded rubber and steel bracket with custom formed wire suspension clip used when superior sound control is required in the floor/ceiling assemblies of multifamily housing, high-rises, or commercial buildings.

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GenieClip® Mount:

A resilient sound isolation bracket used in a variety of applications where superior structural support is required, including television support, kitchen cabinets, headboards, garage door openers, various medical equipment, and handrails.

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GenieMat® FIS: This Flanking Isolation Pad is a recycled rubber pad and washer system used to reduce sound and vibration transfer through the building structures. Can be used for wood and steel framing, or for concrete block or pour

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GenieMat RST®is a flat, resilient, reduced sound transmission mat made from 94% recycled rubber content, used directly under hard surface floor finishes and over concrete and wood construction.

It is used when superior sound control is required in multi-family housing, high-rises, or commercial buildings and protects ceramic tile, porcelain and stone from substrate cracks.

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GenieMat® FF

  • Continuous underlayment system that limits surface area contact down to 4% at 2 psi.

  • Achieves low natural frequency with systems available as low as 6 Hz.

  • Can be safely loaded over a wide range up to 1450 psi.

  • Composed of 92% recycled rubber content.

  • Qualifies for LEED® points.

  • Mold, bacteria, fungi, and water resistant.

  • Penetrations for pipes, ductwork, electrical conduits, and drains are possible.

  • Rolls out quickly and is easy to install without the need for adhesive.

  • Can be used directly under gypsum, lightweight, or normal weight concrete with no plywood formwork required.

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GenieMat TMIP: (Treadmill Isolation Pads) are a mix of vibration isolators made from a superior combination of vibration damping materials.

By combining ultra high performance elastomers with bearing plates, outstanding vibration isolation values are achieved for the most problematic equipment.

Vibration pads are available for any treadmill application. Vibration isolation efficiencies up to 99% and over 40dB noise reduction are commonly achieved, eliminating noise transfer into other areas.

GenieMat TMIP are inherently non-slip. For other special applications please consult us.

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GenieMat FIT: is an all-in-one fitness floor made from recycled rubber, engineered to reduce structure-borne sound and vibration transmission in concrete, wood frame, and metal deck construction.

GenieMat FIT floors dramatically reduce low frequency impact noise in free weight areas, under cardio equipment, and in fitness studios.

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GenieClip® RST - How to Install

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Only one screw required to attach GenieClip® RST 

to wood or metal wall studs or floor joists.

Engage standard 25 gauge drywall furring channel into either claw, then squeeze channel to engage the claw

GenieClip® RST  Installation Video

For more information please visit 

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